The Rector is on holiday until October 3rd. Sunday and Wednesday services will be at the usual time!

George Matheson

It was wonderful to have George back in church this morning after such a long illness! He sang lustily as ever and seeing the twinkle in his eye was a joy to behold! Welcome back George!

Todays Sermon should be posted in the Multimedia Section by Wednesday of this week.

Two Funerals and a Letter

Funerals are never easy, but today I had two within the space of three hours. I know some English colleagues will laugh, but that’s the first time I’ve done two funerals in the one day in 30 years of ministry. Not to be recommended. Two days of preparation and visits, publishing personalised Orders of Service Books, and the weather, dull and showery, just made the whole two-funeral thing make me feel numbed by death and grief.

It’s not that I’m without faith in life eternal and our glorious hope through the resurrection of Jesus. It’s just the grief of the people you love and care for, and the inability to take away their pain and loss. Sometimes ministry is shitty.

Added to that, someone, not a member of the congregation, has written to the Dean and made outlandish accusations about me and how I have handled the plans to build our new Church Hall. The allegations are totally unfounded and would be laughable if I hadn’t now had to dig out old pewsheets, magazines, minutes, and drawings, get in touch with the architect and Town Planning to justify the actions of myself and the Vestry, (PCC), here in St Aug’s.

This man obviously has something against me, I know not what, but he’s created a burden which I could do without. He has also raised considerable anger among the members of the congregation who have heard of the allegations.

Nope! Sorry! But I’ve handled everything in accordance with Canon Law, and with the complete support of the Vestry and congregation. It’s sad, in our small community, that someone could cause so much pain and hurt, and cause so much trouble by telling downright lies and smearing my name and the way I handle congregational affairs. He’s not even a Communicant Member, and never has been! I forsee a lawyers letter winging its way to him soon.

So…. the anti-depressants are kind of crucial today. I know the Blog Community will uphold us all in their prayers.


We are sorry to announce two deaths. Margaret Hardie’s mum, Jean McFarlane died on Saturday kunctime. Her funeral is in St Aug’s at 12.45 on Thursday.

Amy Elliot died yesterday afternoon. Her funeral is on Thursday in St Aug’s at 9.45.

Divorce is an Option!

The RW was given a Nintendo DS with brain Training on it, as she has decided, obviously that her brain needs training! Worst gift to give a spouse! It’s worse than the “Knitting Wife” who clacks away on the corner.

Mealtimes are more random, telly programmes get paid scant attention as she rattles away on this demonic device! Up bit would be that the RW is now not too obsessed with the Wii Fit, and so the back room is less sweaty than before.

Updates: Brain age of 38  Wii Fit Age 45. By the time she’s done, I’ll be married to an adolescent.

Good With Words

As the Magazine gears itself up for production, my thoughts are with those who claim to be good with words! So try this one..

Two twisted witches watched two wrist watches. If two witches watched two wrist watches, which witch would watch which watch?

Categorising Weddings

In past times, when I served in Parishes where weddings were few and far between, I simply classed myself as lucky to have had a wedding at all! However, at St Augustine’s they seem to come thick and fast at times! When this happens, I resist, (no I don’t),  the temptation to categorise them! (eg “best”, “funniest speeches”, “most laid-back”, “biggest”, etc etc.

Friday’s wedding between Leeanne and Craig has to be “the poshest” of this year! (Hopeful of some pics for the Photo Gallery soon.)  Top Hats, tails, amazing dresses, and the opulence of The Cameron House Hotel on the shores of Loch Lomond, combined to make it an epic! Although I was stuck with orange juice and Red Bull, the RW had a ball, and says the champaign was to die for! And die she nearly did the following day. The RW is not as young or as tolerant to alcohol as she once was!

However, normal service has resumed, and we can look back on Friday as one of the highlights of our social calendar! However, that’s our weddings all over, I think, until spring at least!

I sympathise with a local C of S minister, “The Bishop of Bonhill”, who has been known to have five weddings in an afternoon! More than most parishes in the Pisckie Church have in a year!