The Concert with the Faslane Wind Band, due to take place on February 3rd has been postponed. A new date will be arranged in March.

More Scottish Night

I was in trouble today for publishing only a photo of the haggis from the Scottish Night. When I get some more photos together I’ll publish them in the Photo Gallery, but meanwhile a wee pic of our “resident band”!

Scottish Night

We had a “rerr terr” on January 28th, which to coincide with Burnstide we always stage a Scottish Night which usually ends up with everyone standing on the tables and chairs singing The Star O Rabbie Burns! This year proved to be no exception, except that we decided not to charge for the meal, drinks and entertainment. We simply asked those who could afford to to make a donation on the way out!

As a result, we had over 70 to cater for, and the Friends of St Augustine’s coped admirably – again!

The entertainment was stunning, the food good, and we didn’t even run out of whisky!

Janette slashed the poor haggis to bits, which was a shame, because it looked awfie bonnie!

Gambia Time

Off to The Gambia tomorrow for two weeks! Lots of work out there to be sorted. If a priest is needed, Tim or Maggie should be your first stop, but Revd Sally Gorton or Revd David Cook should be around!
Fr Robin Underhill will be taking services.

Silence is so Golden

Fr Heron alerts us to the fact that Noted New Testament Scholar Fr John Fenton has sadly just died. Former Principal of St Chad’s College, Durham, he once wrote: What the Church will need as its priests is men and women who know that the important and obvious thing about God is that he is silent. He does not speak. He does not grunt, or shuffle his feet, or cough, or do anything to assure us he is there. What the Church needs is people who believe in shutting up; that God is not a talking God; that we do not have the word of God, we have the silence of God.