Faslane Wind Band

Great concert tonight with fabulous musicians. £160 in the bag too from donations. Thanks to Fran for arranging it all!


Those following this Blog will have noted that the gable end of the tenement. next door,  fell through the church roof, but we have been told, verbally, that we are not covered by our insurance policy.

I got the official letter today which is quite succinct! Amongst other things, it says:

“Although one of the insured perils is impact, this is only impact caused by vehicles, animals, or articles falling from aircraft.”

In other words…. if a coo had fallen oot a plane and come through your roof you would have been covered!

Magazine in Production

The April magazine is being produced and printed this week. Now might be a good time to send in material!

Barbara’s 104 year old Aunt is poorly, so she’s gone off to Scarborough to be with her. Keep them both in your prayers.

Mothering Sunday Sermon

I have been told about a mum who had a precocious six-year-old in the Sunday School class. His teacher made the innocent statement, “God made everything.”

This woman’s son quickly stood up. “God does not make everything,” he insisted. “Most things are made in China.” Well, maybe there is some truth in that.

However, the Chinese didn’t make the beauty of Loch Lomond, or Ben Lomond or the wonderful stadium in Maryhill. Even the most rigid of sceptics has to be taken aback by the wonders of God’s universe. There is so much beauty, so much wonderful order.

Walking in Levengrove Park on Thursday morning I was overwhelmed by the beauty, and the wonders of God’s creation… I took my eyes off Archie for a moment.. covered in mud, but beautiful too… and however mad I was with Archie for getting filthy, I found myself thinking, “The same guy designed the whole lot, the Clyde, the hills, the Ben… and Archie! – and me, however messed up I can get too!”

In his letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul speaks of the “workmanship of God.” And truly God’s workmanship is breathtaking.

The more you know about creation, the more awe-inspiring it becomes.

But there is one tiny part of God’s creation that is more spectacular than all the rest. More spectacular than the high mountains, the roaring oceans, the countless stars, or the far-reaching galaxies, and Archie himself.

St. Paul writes in verse ten of today’s lesson, “For WE are God’s workmanship . . .” Think about that for a moment. “We are God’s workmanship . . . He made us!”

No mountain has communion with the Father . . . no ocean, or dog, prays to God by its bedside at night . . . no star sings God’s praise . . . It was for the human creature that everything that is was made. “We are God’s workmanship . . .” We are the centre of God’s plan.

 “We are God’s workmanship”, said Paul, and we were “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

And we are given the honour and the task of sharing in that creation….. looking after it, absolutely, although we’re not very good with that bit, but being partners in God’s creative work, God’s being, through his grace.

On Thursday, too, I got lost in the Vale, looking for the warfarin clinic, and ending up in the Maternity bit. And here was a mum, with her newborn, clutching it close to her breast, about to take the wee scrap home, and it hit me again about how we are partners with God in this wonderful creation.

And I thought about Mothering Sunday today, and I realised how painful this day can be for some women.

For some women who have lost children to war, to illness, to senseless violence, to drugs or whatever, today must be excruciatingly painful experience.

Some women, by choice, and it can be a perfectly valid and sensible choice, have decided that parenthood was not for them.  Some women would dearly have embraced motherhood but it was not to be for whatever reason, and the harping on by pious preachers on this Sunday can annoy, can cause pain, can breed a feeling of exclusion and much much more. I know women who will not come within a mile of a church on this particular Sunday.

So what do we make of today?

Remember Paul, we were “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” And it was through my own parents that I was created to be that sort of human being… as were you.

You know, I picked my dad off the floor last night, again, and that was very painful, the man who nurtured me had come to this, and I cried for my childhood and my mother and father of these days, full of life and joy in their parenting, despite the poverty and the darker days.

However old we are, we can, today, look back to our own parents, for some of us, that will maybe be just one of them, if either our mum or dad was absent, and be grateful to them. Grateful for their giving us life, nurturing us, so that we could be all we can be for God’s glory.

Perhaps today it’s parenthood that we should give thanks for, and our own parents in particular, however hard our upbringing was. They gave us life and partnered God in the creation of you and me. Miracles all of us!

Created in Christ Jesus to do good works.

Barbara Barnes – Citizen of the Year

To the Municipal Buildings tonight to see Barbara being presented with her Citizen of the Year Award. We’ll have a wee album up in Multimedia on Monday, but some pics to keep us going…




New Photos

Now posted under Multimedia, Photo Gallery.. photos of the Irish Night, Jean and Lucy’s Baptism, and Archie has a folder to himself!

Irish Night

Look out for photos of the Irish Night in the Multimedia Section, Photo Gallery, by the weekend. Some photos can be seen on the Rector’s Blog

The Irish Stew went down a bomb and a great time was had by all! Meanwhile.. one or two “tasters”..