My dad is going to remain in Ward 15, probably during the whole time I’m on holiday. I’m looking for volunteers to visit him from 3-4 on weekdays when my sister can’t be present. He needs a visit on Thursday evenings when she’s at College. Can some kind St Auggie’s folk spare some time to give him a wee visit. Even 15 minutes brightens up his life a bit! Help!

Sunday’s Reflection

We need Christ – that is no surprise.
But he also needs us.
Vine and branches need each other.
But our need of him is the greater.
“Cut off from me you can do nothing”. He says.

It is not he who cuts himself off from us.
It is we who sometimes cut ourselves off from him
through indifference, selfishness, or pride.

And when we cut ourselves off from him,
we automatically cut ourselves off from one another.
Is it any wonder then that our lives are sometimes
Barren and lonely and empty?

Thank you , Lord, for forming such a bond with us.
Thank you too for the bond that exists among us because of you. Thanks to this bond we have invisible riches
to share with one another.

Grant that we may never be separated,
so that together we may produce in the world
the fruits of faith hope and love.

Amnesty Concert

Amnesty International: There will be a Concert in St Augs on Saturday May 16th. Irish American music with Rod Cordner and Ciaran Dorris, assisted by Paul Baird. Admission £ 5.

Big Dinner Event

This year it’s the PANTODINE! Dress as a panto character and come along for an excellent meal, wonderful company, and a preview of what will be hot in Pantoland this coming Christmas!


Kenny and Linda will be away in Lesbos from May 14th – 29th. Clergy can be contacted, in an emergency, through Maggie Wallace or Tim Rhead.

Supporting Barbara

Barbara Barnes is about to embark, on Sunday 15th May, on another death-defying stunt as she zip-slides across the River Clyde. All proceeds to SENSE Scotland. You can donate by filling in your name on the sheet at the back of the church or contacting Barbara directly.