Unforgettable Day

Sunday August 30th will be remembered for a long time, as we had seven people confirmed, little Jackie baptised, and our new hall blessed. Photos will follow soon!

Liturgical Growth

It seems we have a Liturgical Car Crash on Sunday coming, as Jackie Brown is now to be baptised at the Confirmation Service, and at the end of it all, the new hall will be blessed by +Idris. Believe me, it will all come together beautifully, in the end!

And a Praise Band too!!!!!


It’s strange to be without my own personal blog. It has been suspended after a torrent of abuse over my comments on the “Orange March” in the town last Saturday. It was felt that it was better for all that I go “offline” for a while until things settle down again.

I miss the chance to have a rant, or the occasional lucid comment on whatever is happening where, the opportunity to extoll the brilliance of Partick Thistle Nil, and share some funny stuff that I come across in my daily ministry. Of course there is still Toastie’s Blog, but that’s just not quite the same, and this is just meant to be a Parish Blog about parish events, sermons, pictures and other serious stuff!

I’m beginning to realise that I no longer have the stomach to take on the sectarian issues which caused all the problems to begin with, and perhaps it’s better to opt out and go for a quieter life.

I’ve decided to “retreat” for a few days, starting Monday week, and see where that gets me. Refraining from blogging, which I enjoy, to take on sectarianism, which opens me to personal hurt and abuse may not be the wisest thing to do, but there is the niggle at the back of my mind that there is evil afoot in that whole issue and it needs to be addressed. Am I the guy to do it though? Probably not.