Who Lives In You?

I loved this:

Who lives in you? That’s the question that comes to mind as we read those words of Jesus this morning when he tells the Pharisees, “Go tell that fox (Herod) that I will drive out demons and heal people today and tomorrow and on the third day reach my goal.” I will do what I must. For God lives in me. I am a citizen of heaven. Let him do what he must!

Let your imagination run free for a moment and picture yourself, your personality, who you are really, as a house. Any kind of house will do — just so it’s yours. For some it may be a huge castle, with lofty turrets and banners waving in the breeze, a place that is safe and secure. For others it may be a rustic cabin, tucked away in the woods, a peaceful and quiet refuge. For others still, it might be a nice little retirement home, with a rocking chair on the front porch, a shade tree in front and a nice warm breeze stirring flowers blooming in front.

Now, move in closer and imagine the front door of that house. Picture someone pushing the doorbell, clanking the knocker, or rapping on the door. If someone came to the door of your house, who would they find inside? Who lives in you?

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve met people who gave me the distinct impression that if I went inside the “houses” of their lives, I wouldn’t find anyone home. Or if I went inside their houses, they would be so cluttered with junk that there wouldn’t be any room for anyone. Or some whose houses are great and impressive on the outside, but once I entered everything would be artificial.

Who lives in you? That’s the question for us to address this Second Sunday in Lent. Who lives in you? What guides your decisions? What sets the course of your life? What determines the way you think and treat others around you? Most of us would like to say that it is our Christian faith that determines who we are. But is that so? For there are two kinds of people who can be home — citizens of the world and citizens of heaven.

Who lives in you? Think back over the decisions you’ve made this past week. Who made them — a citizen of this world or a citizen of heaven? Recall the way you spoke to those around you and the way you treated others. Who was present then? What about the offering you bring this morning, what kind of relationship with God does it reflect? Is it a citizen of heaven, the child of God, who is present in us? Or is it a stranger of this world, one who cares little about others, who thinks first of him or herself, whose actions fail to give witness to the allegiance we claim to have with God?

Who lives in you?

Harry McMartin RIP

Harry’s funeral will be in St Augustine’s at 12 noon on Monday. All are welcome.

Fran’s brother, Jim, who had a massive heart attack on Sunday night is now off the critical list. Deo Gratia!


What a congregation! Georgie Duncan has been voted Citizen of the Year for Dumbarton! Congratulations! She deserves the recognition.

This follows Barbara Barnes being Citizen of the Year in Alexandria last year, and Tim Rhead being Citizen of the Year in Dumbarton three years ago.

Isn’t St Aug’s full of special people? I’m so proud!

Harry McMartin RIP

Harry died at 11.25am this morning after having been baptised an anointed. His funeral service is on Monday at 12 noon in St Augustine’s. Please remember Sandra in your prayers.

Mama Mia Night

As usual, Friends’ put on a great wee night featuring a Greek Taverna where we all got stuck into Abba songs! The singing got louder as the wine flowed, as the new photos in Multimedia show!


Looking at the dreadful turnout at Ash Wednesday services, one can only assume that there is no sin in St Augustine’s and therefore little need of repentance. I obviously am doing my job very well indeed!

Andrew & Brenda to Visit!

Fr Andrew Faust and Brenda are popping across the pond for a March visit! They should be around Dumbarton from 14th-23rd March. We look forward to welcoming them!

All Moved In!

The Rectory move has now been completed, and although our phone number remains the same, the new address is 54 Helenslee Cres, G82 4HS.

The new Rectory will take a week or two to begin to be “all settled”, but already the dogs and humans have settled in fine! Now for the cat’s return!