Imagine That!

Found this gem on another Blog:

A Church of England vicar has confessed that he is “busy” at Christmas. Rev Chris Jones of Ormskirk says “It’s a very busy time with a great variety of things going on. There are carol services as well as normal church services”. His admission has been reported in the press and may shock thousands of readers. Being busy at Christmas is not unknown in the Church of England. Other clergy may also be attending Church. As well as “normal” services, some vicars may celebrate Christmas. It is believed a few may sing carols. We hope Mr Jones doesn’t feel alone in his horrible work-load. It is SHOCKING that clergy have to be busy during what is essentially a holiday.


Going through some old data cards, I came across the photos below. They were taken in 2006! However, neither Linda or I can remember which Friends’ Event they come from! Anyone dare jog our memories?

A Gift for your Neighbour?

By Richard Holloway

The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

Friday Books, 272pp, 


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An Extract?..

That said, this book is fun, especially if you read it as a prospectus for a complex and varied religious position. The comedians in it – and there are too many of them – all sound like clergy on Thought for the Day trying to lure your attention with terrible jokes and really annoying word-play. Of course, no book of this sort would be complete without a contribution from the Apostle to the Godless himself, the Venerable Richard Dawkins, and you will not be disappointed. When, after his birth, the Good Fairy visited Richard in the manger where they laid him, she showered upon him almost every gift a man could desire: physical beauty; a voice as bewitching as the tone of a silver flute; a prodigious intellect; a Napoleonic capacity for hard work; and wit as sharp and darting as a rapier. But in order to save him from the fate that befell that other great Angel of Light, she deprived him of a sense of humour – without which it is impossible to understand religion, the joke the universe has played on humanity, with a punch-line that can’t be delivered until the end of time.

Christmas Party and Carol Service

This all went rather well last night with a visit from Santa and his elf before the serious business of carols by candlelight. A photo album from the night will appear soon, but here is a wee taster!