House Move

Our rector, Kenny, and his wife, Linda, move house today (Tuesday 19th) along with all the animals.

Good luck with the house move; hope you’re all very happy in the new home in the centre of St Aug’s and St Mungo’s parishes.

Remembrance Sunday

The 11 am Eucharist service on November 10th will start early at 10.55 am so that we can include our act of remembrance at 11 am as part of the service.

Restoration of Christian Worship at Dumbarton Rock

There is a plan to hold a service at Dumbarton Rock to commemorate St Andrew on Sat Nov 30, at the old chapel at Dumbarton Castle. This is still subject to permission being granted by Historic Scotland; if approved, the service will start at 12 noon and will be followed by refreshments in the castle.

As with previous services, the numbers are restricted to a maximum of 60 so each church will be allocated 4 tickets initially. Please remember that there are 90 steps to the site of the former chapel. Historic Scotland will not charge admission to people to those attending the service.

If anyone would like a ticket please get in touch with Tim Rhead before Monday 11th November.