Country Trip

The first country trip of the season will take place on Saturday April 5th. The trip begins with a short walk by the loch at Garelochhead followed by a trip to The Green Kettle Tearoom. We hope that some of our friends from St Mungo’s may come along too. If anyone needs a lift or has spare seats in their car then please get in touch with Tim.

Meet at 2 pm at the car park in Garelochhead.

Woman’s Retreat

If any ladies out there are interested in joining us for a weekend retreat then please feel free to add your name to the form on the noticeboard in the hall or talk to Anne or Morag.

The weekend will take place at The Gillis Centre, Edinburgh from June 6-8 and will be on the theme of “Stillness – Be Still and Know that I am God”. The cost at the moment is around £150 but we hope to be able to get a grant to help subsidise the weekend.

Food For Thought

This Lent why don’t you take up one of the challenges to make you more mindful of how much we should value the food we have.

Challenges are:

1. The Count Your Blessings Challenge – 40 different small challenges throughout Lent to make you think

2. Live on A Pound A Day Challenge – can you survive on £1 per day for 5 days?

3. Pay for Food You Throw Away Challenge – count up how much the food you waste/throw away is worth and donate that amount, or even donate the value of a takeaway if you decide to indulge during Lent.

If you’re interested in learning more pick up a Lent Challenge pack and a Count Your Blessings sheet from either the church or the hall or talk to one of the MAP group.