Chat House

Had a wonderful meeting today with Fr Lukas from The Chat House in Maryhill. Lukas has been heavily involved in the peace process in Kenya over the past months, and still is, as the various factions accept him as one of the Kenyan Diaspora who has something to say. He tells of scary situations, going into areas where angels would fear to tread, and his life was on the line on many occasions. Now he is still in contact with Kenya, Washington and London as things begin to settle down again.

Meanwhile in Maryhill, the ministry to the “foreigner” as well as to marginalised Scottish people continues to grow. People are helped to hook up with agencies that can help them overcome immediate problems, and satellites are growing throughout the city, undergirded with a lot of prayer and commitment. I’d love St Aug’s to be one satellite when our new hall opens! 

Meanwhile, we’re planning an African Praise Night in St aug’s, probably May 10th! Can’t wait!

In Concert

Last night we had a wonderful concert in St Aug’s in aid of Amnesty International. The small audience was disappointing as we were enthralled by some superb folk music from Janette Geri, from Australia, and local maestro, Sammy Horner with support! A You Tube Video will appear soon on the Rector’s Blog, but the big disappointment was that although I filmed a lot last night, only one song came out OK, and none of Janette’s stuff worked! Below, our wonderful musicians from last night. Just superb!